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Chiropractic Health Care

The Origin and Tenet of Chiropractic Health

Chiropractic health care is concerned with the health care administered to the spine. In chiropractic medicine, chiropractors engage in spinal manipulation to bring a relief from different ailments of the spine. Chiropractic medicine is not a new concept; it is as old as the Hippocrates period; but it started being a popular way of spine treatment in 1895 which is regarded as it’s year of inception. http://oilingpoint.com/best-essential-oils-for-cold-sores/.

A common belief among chiropractors is that spine structural and biochemical derangement has the capacity of affecting the nervous system. This belief or tenet is based on the fact that anatomically, the nervous system is very closely related with the spine. Chiropractic health providers have continued to hold this belief tenaciously and also, the belief is a propelling force for individuals who seek for chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment works by determining and restoring the integrity of the spinal structure to improve the individual’s health; through reduction of pressure on the neurological tissue that is sensitive.

Those seeking for chiropractic health care should note that the use of drugs or surgery is not part of the methods of treatment used by the chiropractors. Notwithstanding, a chiropractor health provider can only refer patients to medical doctors if they dictate such need in a patient.

Chiropractic Examination Procedure

In diagnosing a patient for chiropractic treatment, a detailed history is required from the patient to enable the chiropractor to determine the areas being complained about; such history includes:

Dietary pattern/habits
Histories relating to previous treatments (this includes medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and other past treatments)
Family history
Occupational history
Psychological history and similar ones.
The next step in the chiropractic treatment is a physical examination, which can involve x-ray examination and lab analysis. This will be done following the outcome of the chiropractic case history and consultation as will be clinically judged by the chiropractor. In determining the segment of the spine that has a need for manipulation, the chiropractor has a good number of methods at his disposal.

Treatment Techniques

The common method used by chiropractors in identifying fixated or hypo-mobile segments of the spine is the use of static and motion palpation. For subluxations location, x-ray is used. Once these segments are identified, treatment is carried out through manipulation. A device that identifies the skin’s temperature in the Para-spinal region is used by some chiropractic doctors in identifying the areas of the spine that has a noticeable varying temperature that needs manipulation. In effort to balance the structure starting from the feet upwards, a good number of the chiropractors make use of biochemical means of administering treatment to the bipedal structure.

Chiropractic health care has been effective for spine treatment. The process of treating the spine by chiropractic means begins with diagnosis and physical examinations to determine the segments of the spine to be manipulated.

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